Collaboration and Team Dynamics

At Ascendent Leadership, a cornerstone of the company is collaboration and teamwork within a sales team. We strive to improve performances of the team as a unit, and provide your business with techniques and strategies to make that team a successful component of your business.

Over the past twelve years, it’s been established at Ascendent that in complex sales, team collaboration and engagement are essential components and of a higher importance to the business transaction than the individual performance of one team member.
The sales teams must hold a common understanding of the task, but require incentive to complete it by understanding the benefits they can reap. There must also be an element of trust and a net of support for the team, as well as a committed effort from all the members to ensure a successful sale.

Through Ascendent Leadership’s emotional intelligence training and development programs, the concept of a collaborative team effort is instilled in our participants. Utilizing our methods, you can expect results to show up in your numbers, guaranteed. Reach out to us today to achieve your sales potential within your company!

What are t
he critical success factors required to establish high performing teams?

Most of the respected writers on teamwork agree on the vast majority of the attributes and behaviors of successful teams.  They may describe them in different words or create different structures to explain them, but a careful analysis of the different models demonstrates that the most important accepted models overlap each other in 80 percent or more of the critical precepts.   (Michael Lombardo 2001)

The following list of critical success factors is based on the Lominger Korn/Ferry T7 Team Architect™ framework:

  •  The teams holds a common understanding of the task at hand and the benefit of achieving it
  • The team members trust each other to put the good of the team and its collective members ahead of their own interests
  • The team collectively has all of the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to meet the project needs, or knows where to find them
  • The team possesses the necessary skills to manage their work, learn from their work, make decisions as a team, resolve conflicts, create and maintain a positive climate
  • The team possesses the skills it needs to function as a team, such as focusing, collaborating, measuring results, and fulfilling their respective commitments
  • The team has the support and sponsorship from the greater organization it is serving
  • The team leader has the necessary skills and commitment to recruit the team, and ensure that the team has the success factors listed above

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