Leader as Coach

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.”

  Benjamin Disraeli

Why teach your leaders to coach?

  • Coaching opens up the employee to use their creativity, critical thinking and energy to discover new approaches
  • Coaching reinforces the employees ownership of the results but provides them the clarity they need to know what they need to do, and the courage and commitment to do it
  • It creates time for the leader. By keeping ownership and action with the employee, the leader is less likely to pick up the employees workload on top of their own, freeing the leader to invest in other activities.
  • Research in employee engagement highlights the need for leaders to intentionally and continuously focus on employee development, even for high performers
  • As employees learn coaching by receiving it, they become confident to peer coach with their colleagues

It works!    Two examples:

A DB Breweries coaching impact study conducted in 2006, found a significant increase in retention not only in those who were coach trained, but also in the retention of direct reports, where the study showed a 30% decrease in likelihood of leaving by direct reports.

The Sales Executive Council correlated a 17 percent higher average quota attainment to sales teams with robust coaching programs.  (2006 study of 2400 sales organizations)

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