Ascendent announces Lead, Team, Challenge! Enabling the insight sale through development of high performing consulting and sales teams

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What research is telling us about the purchase of complex solutions:

  • Complex solution purchases are increasingly consensus decisions
  • Sellers must tailor key messages to each participant in the buying process
  • Buyers are completing 60% of their process before first consulting sales
  • More than half of buying preference is based on the buying experience
  • Success requires addressing both the logic and the emotions of the buyers
  • Insight (challenger) reps make up more than half of high performing reps selling complex solutions
  • Relationship builder reps are the least likely to be high performers in this type of opportunity

What participants take away from this program:

  • An industry leading Emotional Intelligence assessment, a one hour private confidential coaching session with a certified coach, and a personal development plan
  • Enhanced leadership skills to enable each team member to lead powerfully in their specific selling role and area of expertise
  • Team effectiveness approaches to create a high performing extended sales team
  • Critical thinking skills to synthesize market, customer and solution  information into powerful, differentiating  insights for the customer
  • Ability to understand and drive customer emotional engagement to accelerate a commitment
  • Five quick reference guides to accelerate adoption from concept to practicing the skills with live opportunities

About the program:

  • One year program of active learning,  individual and group coaching to foster full adoption
  • Learners register as account teams of up to five professionals, and apply the concepts and methods to a current complex sales opportunity
  • 16 hours of live integrated learning, including 8 hours of team-focused application exercises.  The mix of class room and virtual training is configurable based on customer requirements.
  • Dual facilitators, each a senior sales leader, certified in emotional intelligence and professional coaching
  • Adoption supported by 3 quarterly group coaching sessions for reinforcement, sharing of best practices

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