Team Collaboration & Managing Team Conflict


Ascendent has chosen the Lominger Korn/Ferry Team Architect™ T7 Framework as it’s primary team effectiveness architecture and assessment framework.

The framework is based on the following factors, supported by a total of 20 specific dimensions evaluated within the factors:

 Thrust:  A common mind-set about what needs to be accomplished

Trust:  Trusting others to do what’s right for the team and each other

Talent:  The necessary collective skills to get the job done

Teaming skills:  Operating the team’s business efficiently and effectively

Task Skills:  The effort necessary to execute successfully

Team Support from the Organization:  How well the leadership of the organization enables the team to perform

Team Leader Fit:  How well-matched the team leader is with the needs of the team

The model, while very robust, is laid out in a very straightforward way, making it easy for the coach to quickly choose which elements to assess to tailor the process precisely for the client.  The model is also thoroughly cross referenced to the 67 leadership competencies of the Leadership Architect framework described in the leadership resources.  This allows additional richness in the information available to build the development strategy.

As with Leadership Architect, a key reason we chose the T7 architecture and toolset is the very complete suite of tools for both the coach and client.

Assessment can be done in a full 360 assessment using their Teams instrument.  A consultant and client can do a short but thorough desktop assessment, using the Team Architect Sort Cards.

Development resources include:  FYI for Teams(TM), for team members, team leaders, and team coaches, and a rich set of team oriented tools and resources from the Six Sigma and Lean communities

Custom Programs

Using dozens of content modules, we can  design a custom learning experience to fit  your culture, your requirements and your time budget.  Programs can be as short as an exercise at a staff meeting, or as long as a multi-day extended program.  We  have strong experience in integrated learning, and we can create multisession programs to allow introduction of concepts, reinforcement in class, and then extended reinforcement in the work environment through robust field work assignments.


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