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About Ascendent

We believe that business results (the numbers) are driven by:

  • Relationships:  Teammates who respect and enjoy their co-workers and clients, communicate clearly, and collaborate effectively
  • Leadership:  Engaging teams through vision, setting high standards, enforcing them consistently, and continuously developing their team
  • Teamwork:  Committed teams, who know what behaviors drive the desired results and who execute them consistently
  • Critical Thinking & Communication:  Solving complex problems through clear thinking, the right information, and access to the right resources
  • Coaching:  Developing a culture where everyone is a coach and has a coach

Ascendent Leadership focuses their consulting and coaching practice in five key areas:

  • Leadership development
  • Team effectiveness development
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment and development
  • Critical thinking and the dialogue which supports it
  • Coaching skills development for managers and leaders

Since the formation of Ascendent Leadership in the year of 2002, the group has strived to achieve professional results for our clients, both in the great state of Texas and throughout the country. Professional results are guaranteed to be achieved for your business through utilizing our honed, trademark training techniques.

Our methods will yield what is most sought out in big business today, trusted advisory figures who engage with clients and represent success and gain for their company. Ascendent Leadership is built around teamwork and collaboration, which combined are more important for complex sales than strictly individual performance. Emotional intelligence, critical thinking, asking questions and achieving feedback, are needed traits and skills for anyone involved in sales.

Coaching offered at Ascendent Leadership is designed for those sales leaders within companies. Team players, who are driven, engaged, pay close attention to their numerical performance and are aiming to reach professional and personal goals. While it’s not just about the numbers, our intelligence training and development programs are designed to achieve them. Build the skills using Ascendent, and the numbers will come!

The mission of Ascendent Leadership is to help organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals develop the beliefs, the knowledge, and the skills necessary to support each of the key enablers, in turn producing the desired level of results and success.